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Macedonia is a small nation with a complex and fascinating history. Part Balkan, part Mediterranean and rich in Greek, Roman and Ottoman history, it offers impressive ancient sites side by side with buzzing modernity, managing to pack in much more activity and natural beauty than would seem possible for a country its size. Easygoing Skopje remains one of Europe's more unusual capitals, where constant urban renewal has made the city a bizarre jigsaw puzzle whose Turkish old town, ancient fortress, communist-era centre and contemporary building spree combine to create a multifaceted city that never fails to surprise.

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  • Tour Code BISXFH
  • Theme        UNESCO Heritage Sites
  • Region        Europe
  • Available   Yes
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Lakes of Macedonia Krushevo, Bitola, Lyuboyno, Pelister National Park, Prespa lake,St. Naum Monastery, Ohrid lake (UNESCO heritage site), Skopje, Matka canyon, Slepche, St. Jovan the Baptist monastery, Heraculaneum, Galichitsa 08 Days Bicycle + Canyons + Monastery + Culture + Mountains Confirmed Departures (2016): 30-07-2016, 09-07-2016, 21-05-2016, 18-06-2016, 20-08-2016, 03-09-2016, 24-09-2016

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