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Amidst the scary wars, the final two Kings of Burma called Mandalay Palace home with pagodas scattered across the city hosting beautiful iconic statues. Mandalay is still finding its place in the newly opened Myanmar, though largely unexplored compared to Yangon. Due to its location in the north, a diverse array and extremely tasty food is available if you find the right spots on your bike - be it a Burmese teashop, a Shan buffet, a Chinese restaurant and an Indian chapatti/roti street stall. Mandalay is also known for its surrounding ancient cities such as In-wa (Ava), Mingun, Sagaing and Amarapura. Nightlife is nearly non-existent, with few beer stations being open past 23:00 and Western bars numbering: one. For the best collection of beer stalls and tea shops open past dinner time, Diamond Plaza has a surrounding concentration of both, with most of them lining 77th Street. That'd be a pun since one of the best and biggest resorts of Las Vegas, Nevada is named after this small remote Asian city!

₹ 125,000 | € 1,697 | $ 1,866
All inclusive* including Air Fare (New Delhi
  • Tour Code BIS5F6
  • Theme        Ancient Ruins
  • Region        Asia
  • Available   Yes
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Yangon, Mandalay 06 Days Bicycle + City + Culture + Bridges

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