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Warm, welcoming and a hell of a lot of fun  everything you never heard about Serbi is true. Exuding a feisty mix of élan and inat (Serbian trait of rebellious defiance), this country doesn t do  mild : Belgrade is one of the world s wildest party destinations, the northern town of Novi Sad hosts the rocking EXIT festival, and even its hospitality is emphatic  expect to be greeted with rakija (fruit brandy) and a hearty three-kiss hello. While political correctness is about as commonplace as a nonsmoking bar, Serbia is nevertheless a cultural crucible: the art nouveau town of Subotica revels in its proximity to Hungary, bohemian Nia echoes to the clip-clop of Roma horse carts, and minaret-studded Novi Pazar nudges some of the most sacred sites in Serbian Orthodoxy. And in the mountainous Kopaonik and Zlatibor regions, ancient traditions coexist with après-ski bling. Forget what you think you know: come and say zdravo (hello)& or better yet, iveli (cheers)!

₹ 129,338 | € 1,755 | $ 1,931
All inclusive* excluding Air Fare
  • Tour Code BISX3W
  • Theme        Boats
  • Region        Europe
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Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia Solt, Kalocsa, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Ilok, Vukovar, Mohacs, Drava National Park (Danube), Budapest, Visegrad, Esztergom, Bratislava, Vienna *Includes stay on Theodore Korner (Comfort-Plus Boat) 10 Days Bicycle + Wine Tasting + Vineyards + Thermal Spa + Culture + Mountains Confirmed Departures (2016): 07.08. - 15.08.16, 16.08. - 24.08.16

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