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Whatever your interests, your lasting memories of Tibet are likely to be of the bottle of Lhasa Beer you shared in a Lhasa teahouse, the yak-butter tea offered by a monk in a remote monastery or the picnic shared with a herders family on the shores of a remote lake, uniquely spiritual place, those moments of peace, fleeting and precious, when everything seems to be in its proper placeand the Tibetan people, whose joy and devotion remain deeply inspiring. Always ready with a smile and with a great tolerance and openness of heart despite decades of political turmoil and hardship, it is the Tibetan people that truly make travelling in Tibet such a profound joy. Geography here is on a humbling scale and every view is lit with spectacular mountain light. Your trip will take you past glittering turquoise lakes, across huge plains dotted with yaks and nomad s tents and over high passes draped with colourful prayer flags.

₹ 375,000 | € 5,090 | $ 5,598
All inclusive* excluding Air Fare
  • Tour Code BIS446
  • Theme        Mountain Trails
  • Region        Asia
  • Available   Yes
Tour Features

Nepal, Mt. Everest, Lhasa, Dholaghat Range 22 days Bicycle + Culture + Tallest Mountain + Lake + Snow(1100 km total)

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