Terms Conditions

1. Text Clarification

1.1. Please enter the site ONLY AFTER reading through each Terms and Conditions enlisted below. If after reading each of these Terms and Conditions enlisted below you need some more information, explanation or translation, we would be more than glad to do it. Please send us any such doubt or clarification by an email to zetsetit@gmail.com. We will revert at the earliest on such requests and ONLY AFTER YOU ARE SATISFIED with each one of these Terms and Conditions read together with any clarifications , YOU MAY ENTER this site.


2. Tours

2.1. We enable listing of tours which are organized by tour operators worldwide. We DO NOT organize any tour by ourselves and limit our role to that of an online tour facilitator only.


3. Tour Details

3.1. On receiving the request for a tour, we share the details of the tour (basic specifications, itinerary, boarding details, food preferences if applicable, inclusions/exclusions and mode of payment details) for the specific dates as requested by you. You must revert within a maximum period of 07 days along-with the minimum booking fee (as would be mentioned in the tour details - since prices keep changing based on seasons) on receipt of such information.


4. Advance Reservation

4.1. Most of the trips listed would require an advance reservation accompanied by a minimum deposit ensuring confirmed booking status. If we fail to get any such confirmation or advance payment from your side within 07 days of receipt of tour details sent to you, such tour request would automatically stand cancelled.


5. Cancellations

5.1. All tour cancellations will require notification in writing to zetsetit@gmail.com by the person participating on the tour and having paid the advance booking fee. We recommend that you purchase cancellation insurance on payment of your tour deposit in case unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel your tour. Almost all tours have a money back guarantee for cancellations and the same details would be included in the tour details sent to you. It would be your responsibility to ensure you understand every part of the tour details sent to you (we would be glad to clarify any portion in it). For any reason, once you choose to cancel the tour, we will try our best to return the entire advance amount back to you though payments made on your behalf for your chosen tour could sometimes not be returned as most of the tours include fares like air, rail, bus and hotels which usually charge a non-refundable cancellation fee.


6. Customization and Reschedules

6.1. Almost all tours can be modified as requested by you! Such requests should be made at the very first time a tour enquiry is sent to us. We will evaluate the feasibility, safety and possibility of more add-on's which might interest you. Please note that a customization would only be possible if we are assured of your safety and satisfaction. There could be some cost associated with rescheduling though not applicable to all tours. Since rescheduling details differ between tours, it would be mentioned in the tour details sent to you.


7. Pricing

7.1. Almost all tour prices are on twin-sharing basis and single supplement would be extra for most of the tours. All tours have options to add more tours or customize it as per your choice and availability at an additional pricing.


8. Boarding

Almost all adventure tours include a three star or four star accommodations though some tours run along remote mountain ranges and forests providing only igloo (hut made completely of snow), tents, camps or a river-boat based accommodation.


9. Safety Terms and Customer Declaration

9.1. Your safety is our ONLY PRIORITY. However, all adventure tourism involving road cycling, mountain biking and hiking INCLUDE inherent risks, dangers and hazards. While we will ensure your trip is as safe as possible, not all risks, dangers and hazards can be anticipated or avoided.

9.2. We can only process your tour request after receiving your acknowledgement of these terms. It would be your responsibility to ensure you understand every part of these terms and conditions and tour details sent to you (we would be glad to clarify any portion in it).

9.3. We reserve the right to modify tour itineraries in situations such as adverse weather, or to better suit client's health, food or boarding preference.

9.4. We would not be held responsible for any damage, expense or inconvenience caused by late arrival of transport, schedule changes, strikes, vehicle breakdown, Acts of God, or other conditions beyond our control.

9.5. We act solely as an online tour facilitator in securing accommodation and where applicable, transport and shall not be held liable in the event of any failure by any person or company to render transportation, accommodation or other services.

9.6. We reserve the right to resell a tour space without notice if any part of agreed payment has not been received by due date. We also reserve the right to decline to accept or retain at any time any participant in any tour. You hereby indemnify us against any damage caused or costs resulting from any of your actions during the tour.

9.7. Helmets must be worn at all times while participating on any cycling tour.

9.8. We would always request you to be on the safer side and arrange for insurance at your cost to cover a possible tour cancellation, any issue during flight, personal health or any unpredicted hazard. If you might need our assistance for finding such insurance, please do contact us before you pay any advance tour booking fee.

9.9. We do not have authorized franchisee, marketing agent or any representatives other than this website and we would not be responsible for any of your communication or transaction with such person/entity.
9.10. We are official affiliate agent of Qatar Airways, TooTrac (Singapore Airways) and are partly funded by B Dash Ventures group. We do not have any direct partnership, license or joint venture with any of these entities and they have nothing to do with any tours, tour participant or tour outcome except offering a discounted fare.

9.11. All photos in the website are for illustrative purposes only. A credit list of all photos, text etc. As applicable is maintained and will be emailed to any interested person/entity. We would be obliged if you could find any objectionable or text in error on the website and immediately contact us with the details.

9.12. All portions of the website, search etc. are accessible only to registered members (under current offer, every new member registered gets a 10% discount on any tour).


10. Personal Information

10.1. To finalize your tour reservation, we need you to complete, sign and return a Personal Information Form. As soon as we receive your deposit we will send you the form and ask that you complete it accurately and return it to us within 10 days. This form lets us know about you, your-cycling preferences, any dietary restrictions and any other special requirements you may have. Failure to complete and return the Personal Information Form, after we send you a reminder on the 11th day, will result in you being deemed to have cancelled the tour.

10.2 Accuracy, intent and outcome to any data submitted by you to www.zetsetgo.com either by registering your profile, by email, chat-box or social media shall solely be your responsibility. You authorize us to retain 1 copy of your communication with us for a period of 03 years for record purposes.

11. Disputes

In the rarest instance of your un-satisfaction with any of our tours, you hereby agree to approach us for an online mediation based remedy as the sole form of dispute resolution.